A long time coming..

Picture taken at Hin Depo, Penang

Hello there!

I have been absolutely M.I.A, I know two years is a long time but here I am trying to change that…… again…. but if I have to be honest to you and myself, I really havent been posting alot on any of my social. You can say.. I’m more focused on living in the moment I mean the occasional here and there but prominently only when I do something fun with friends or when I travel.

I have been fighting battles with my self image ( a future post about this ) and so much has change and is changing in these two years. Just a few highlights: I found self acceptance after I traveled, finally in a strong and happy ( healthy) relationship after being single for almost the two years, focused on the few people I have rather than trying to please others, graduate university, got offered a job right after internship ( funny enough by a company I went an interview for an internship but end up not taking ) and I finally feel like I’m living the life. Even tho i haven’t gotten the Birkin Bag yet. If you know me you know thats my ultimate goal in life. 

Picture of my friend’s dream catcher that I thought was beautiful

I don’t really feel like I’m done growing and there’s so much more for me than where I am now but for now here’s me trying to change my procrastinating behavior of not doing things, by actually starting to post more on my ever so faithful blog, always and forever will wait for me to post new content. 

Much love,



First Weekend in Swansea

Okay, so its Monday and I think its time for me to finish my first week of Swansea post really. after all, it is waaaayy over due. Of course my lecturer from Malaysia, Mr. Jimmy too us around, since he is the only one who has been to Swansea before with a batch of students for a trip (that i wasn’t invited to btw.)

Day 1 (okay day 2 but lets not count the day i arrived)

we walked around town and he showed us the way to our campus. we were all still very much jet lagged and tired but we did go through the day without a hitch. One of the boys has yet to arrive due to visa problems so this was only a pre-tour just to familiarise us with the are. it wasn’t cold and raining as it is today and we were told multiple times that we were lucky that it was sunny and warm when we arrived.

Swansea looked like a tiny condensed town to me but personally thats just the way i like it. it had so much and everything as in walking distance. our living halls is in Mount Pleasant so going to town is just a 5 minute downhill walk. From living halls to our campus is only 15 minutes which was great cause i don’t really fancy walking far and long every morning for classes.

tho, the walk down and up that hill still pains me every time and now if i have extra money i take the cab home cause i can’t be bother with that hill. however, that hill does help me get toned, since i can’t register for a gym membership its a good replacement.


Mount Pleasant (going down from our living halls)


My Campus, Swansea Business Campus

the town was small and it took us only a few minutes to walk around and get a feel of the place. we didn’t do any shopping yet since we just wanted to walk around and go sight seeing first. after walking around town, we decided to find the beach, which we ended up not finding but however stumbled upon the Swansea Marina which was just beautiful. we had a little smoke break by the marina and i just couldn’t resist taking photos.

mind you we actually got lost trying to find the beach and as of today we realised that the beach and the marina wasn’t that far off. we took the road from Wind Street straight down and found the marina instead of the beach. we actually had to use Google pedestrians to find our way since our lecturer also didn’t know the way to the beach, okay in his defence he knew the nicer beaches which was Mumbles and upwards but hey adventure is fun when u don’t know what ur doing right? sort of?


View from Wind Street


the road we used to get to the “beach” (marina)


random alley i stumbled upon

confused and lost we decided to just wing it and walk i straight line because google pedestrian said we are already at the beach. confused because we were at a proper housing area! but all that lost/wandering walking found us this beautiful place. the marina was stunning and we crossed a sort of bridge (I’m sorry i am horrible at names and places) and found our selves in a nice spot to chill and take a smoke break.




Swansea Marina (Pano)


From the bridge.

so that was the first day out in Swansea! we literally went around town and the marina. beautiful place and its as nice and sunny out. we went home tired from walking, (Malaysians never walk anywhere btw so this walking around is pretty hard core man) but being a girl that i am, i went to Primark to shop for jackets and jumpers. just fyi i came empty handed cause i don’t have clothes for autumn and winter, Malaysia is just constantly in either summer or the raining season.

Day 2,

Mumbles! i can’t even contain myself here. on a sunny Sunday we went to mumbles. i swear its beautiful there. the green, the blue, the castle amazing! i had so much fun there i just couldn’t contain myself really. we took the bus to mumbles since none of us really wanted to walk that far and the view form the bus was breath taking! I’ve seen so many photos on tumblr of stretches of beaches and sea but seeing in real life it was great.


View from the bus to Mumbles

First off we went straight to Oystermouth Castle and let me tell you, the view was fantastic! I was just in awe with the landscape and the castle, it not my first time seeing a castle but this one was nicer than the usuals. we didn’t go into the castle however cause we were missing one other person and thought it would be nice if we went in with the whole gang, which we did a few weeks back. i didn’t do much there really i just took tonnes of photographs with my phone (i forgot to bring my camera).


Oystermouth Castle


the view


Oystermouth Castle


Oystermouth Castle View from a far


the gang; From left front: Ronald, Danu From left back: Mr Jimmy, Me, Ashraf, Syed


Oystermouth Castle

After we finished with the castle, we went back down the hill to go fin a place for lunch and our lecturer suggested the White Rose. it was essentially a pub but it had a nice homey feel to it. i had the mac and cheese with hot chocolate as per usual. then we went to find the famous Joe’s Ice Cream that everyone was talking about. we had multiple recommendations to go there just for ice cream which we did and i must say, they hype was real! the ice cream was extremely good. probably not as good as my Haagen-Daz, which is my all time favourite ice cream brand but it was close enough.


My Mac and Cheese + Hot Chocolate


Tried the Chocolate Ice Cream from Joe’s (i always try chocolate or vanilla ice cream when trying out a new place then go for the weirder ones)

and that sort of summed up my first weekend in Swansea. my induction week helped me explore more of Swansea so that will be in another post soon. i’ll end this post with a photo of the beach/sea i took while on my way back home.



Asna A. xx

Hello Swansea


It seems that I have actually been on Swansea for almost two months now and i have yet to blog about anything! Its not that i don’t want to, its just that i haven’t really had time, with all the travelling to London, assignments and just exploring in general really. But right now i am free as a bird so i am probably going to start writing up some good thing here.

To start with, my flight to Heathrow was on the 16th of September and of course the whole family was there to say goodbye. I refuse to talk about my visa application right now because it is still very much a pain in arse really. Anyway, I didn’t opt to go with the whole gang cause i just didn’t want to be in a plan with people i don’t fully know and i like travelling in peace really.



excuse my no make face. they stayed right to the point where i went into my terminal. My flight was a connecting flight so it took me about 24hours to get to Heathrow. I had two layovers, one in Singapore and another in Dubai, which was delayed and i had to wait 4 Hours in Dubai thanks to that. I was lucky i took Etihad and they gave me a blanket and refreshments while i waited for my delayed flight.


I did watch a few movies on each flight but i just slept the whole way just to make sure I’m not jet lagged when i get to Heathrow. I arrived at Heathrow the next day, thought i did have some bad turbulence on both flights and we had to keep our seatbelt on for the majority of the flight. I think i was very lucky because on both flights i and very nice people seated next to me and not smelly ones!


Because i can alone i had to wait for the others to arrive at the airport so we can be picked up. the pickup was scheduled at 1pm and i arrived around 10am, one of the boys arrived earlier at 6am and was waiting the for me already. we had some hot chocolate at Costa. When the other finally arrive we took took a bus to Swansea. Most of them were pretty jet lagged by then and slept thru the whole bus ride. i did sleep for a while but before i did i took some photos of scenes outside.


we arrived in Swansea at about 7pm and we were given the keys to our rooms in the living halls and was left to unpack and rest but we ended up just putting our bags in the room and went out for dinner (which we had to look for btw). We were surprised that a lot of the shops were closed and the streets were in away lifeless. We didn’t know back then that all the shops close at 5.30pm everyday. We found this nice halal kebab place called Nado’s and it was really cheap with big portions, which made they boys really happy! i forgot to mention that i am the only girl from my university (for the business faculty) to come to Swansea.



i was half expecting a roommate but i ended up not having one and had two cupboards and two beds for myself. the room was nice and cozy, i love the fact that it had attic windows (well technically because i am in an attic?) i was placed on the top floor. they had pantry where we could cook and keep our food too. which was very convenient. after dinner we went back and got some rest since our lecturer that came with us to supervise our induction wanted to take us around Swansea to familiarise us with the area before we started any induction or any classes.

I think I’m probably going to stop here for now and continue the week of “having fun and exploring Swansea” to another post. Cause that needs too much time to write.

Asna A. xx

Contacts & Cats

So, i decided that from today onwards, I would write a post at least once in two day. So this post will sort of sum up my entire weekend and well, i really do hope that this time around i stick to my two days one post thing.

4th July 2015

On the 4th, i had an optometrists appointment for my contact lenses. I have been dying to get a pair since i first started to wear glasses back in 2006. Funny how time passes by and it has been almost 10 years that i have been wearing glasses. Anyway, i have allergies and have never tried contacts before so the optometrist suggested that i should get a pair of trial ones. This was from the previous appointment and for this current appointment, i was going to get my trial run contact lenses.

I was fasting and hadn’t slept for the whole night since i have got to finish last minute assignment by Monday. Hence, i was tired and a bit grumpy with that being said this was suppose to be the highlight of my day. I had to put ny contacts on and off to sort of learn how to put them on and off properly. Then i had to walk around to adjust not wearing glasses.

So far it was alrighy for me. the optometrist said that i could only wear them for about a solid 5 hours on the first day and gradually take it up to 12-14 hours. Anyway, it was all good really. Then we (my parents and i) went to the dentist cause my dad had a horrible tooth ache and i had to wait there for an hour plus. God know what they were doing in there.

By then it was berbuka and we went to the bazaar to buy food. I had beautiful delicious nasi kerabu. After berbuka i did my prayers and went off to sleep. I thinj i got enough of the day already.

5th July 2015

Today i didnt do much really, despite sleeping early i woke pretty late (minus Sahur of course). Didn’t  shower and straight help mum around the house. See i knew my mum was going to give the cats a bath so i decide that rather than get clean before that and get dirty again eh, might as well get dirty then get clean. Anyway, Snow my white furry persian cat needed a trim because all of his fur was tangled.

I wanted to shave him naked with a lion style cut but mum said no. So i compromised with a lion’s tail. Then after that we just gave all three cats a bath and i went back to doing my work.

As i am typing this i am omy back to KL and im pretty bumped about having to leave but oh well, coming back on Saturday for raya anyway.

Guess that’s all form me for now. Have a great week everyone!! 🙂


I always believed that being a star that shines brighter than others can both make u happy and sad. When someone is high up there and shines brighter than others, those others would end up trying to bring you down and try to outshine you by making your little bright star dirty. Thats the sad part.

But for the best or happy part is that you are now at your very best or even possibly going to be better and that you know that you dont think about what others think and you are who you are. You are in a state of excellence and in a state where everyone’s opinion doesn’t matter.

There will always be ying and yang for anything and this type of bad or negative energy can be avoided or even expelled. Remember that even if a star is brighter than others, the sky is still filled with stars that share the space and that each star is unique. Always be kind, remember where you started and always remember that everyone shines no matter the brightness.



picture taken at Gunung Jerai.

 “Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?”
-Abraham Lincon

For so long i was involved with people who end up being my enemies. Turning 21 sure made me think a lot and i feel that maybe its time to let go and be free from hate. Its hard, gosh so very very hard to do this but I believe that one day this will pay off. Yes, trust is a very difficult thing to give once broken, however i think that you wont be able to get anywhere without a leap of faith. Never underestimate the power of trusting and being trusted.

This can come across as cliché or just plain childish of me but I would like to apologize to anyone who i have hurt intentionally or unintentionally. You and me may have our differences but hate is such a strong feeling to have for someone and its seems to me that, why should we have all this hate around us when we can have clear skies of sunshine?

Everything happens for a reason, either its a blessing or a lesson. God has planned everything in order and so forgiving someone or to ask forgiveness is a good thing and also a way to move on with your life. I want to move on and with the pace I’m going, i hope i bear you no ill will and may all be forgiven. I also think its fine if anyone including myself is to forgive someone but not forget what the person did or what had happened because for me, these are lesson you are to learn from.

So, let us all forgive people which have hurt us and ask forgiveness to people we, ourselves have hurt.





Disclaimer: All photos are mine taken from my phone or camera unless stated otherwise. If you want to use my photos please ask first. 

Fresh Start

picture of flowers i took from Gunung Jerai

Hello again blogging..

So, it has been ages since i actually blogged about anything really. Nothing open, nothing personal, heck not even a single opinion. I personally got bullied back in the day when i really got into blogging and just completely stopped because what i say are used against me.

But anyhow, back on track we go, i decided since i turned 21 a few days ago (23rd March, is you’re wondering) i took it as an opportunity to relive my blogging days and just share what i feel and like in general. It took a while to figure out how this blog is going to come together and now finally it has.

I haven’t stopped writing even tho I don’t blog, its just i dont share it to the public really. I personally prefer pen and paper. The secrecy and privacy of it is amazing and brilliant. But now its time to change, hence welcome all to grandreves. 






Disclaimer: All photos are mine taken from my phone or camera unless stated otherwise. If you want to use my photos please ask first.